Decarbonising the railway

On behalf of Network Rail, train operators and freight companies, the Rail Delivery Group has been working with partners across the industry as part of a task force to understand how Britain could have a low carbon railway in the future.

Earlier today, Monday 22 July, the Rail Industry Decarbonisation Task Force published its final report to the Rail Minister. The press release about the report can also be found on the RSSB website.

Mark Gaynor, our Head of Railway Planning, is part of the industry taskforce. Marking the publication of the report, he said:

“Rail is already a green way to travel, cutting up to 7.7million tonnes of carbon emissions every year but we want to go further and work with the government to deliver a zero-carbon railway for Britain.

“Building on the introduction of new and more efficient trains across the railway and together with a government-backed strategy in place to enable further investment, our proposal for an independent organising body to join up the industry would ensure that this long-term ambitious target is met.”

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