Planning on proposing? Then you'd better make sure it's when you're on holiday

My Interrail reveals the top situations and locations for proposals.

It’s no secret that many people tend to get engaged on Valentine’s Day, after all it is considered one of the most romantic days of the year.

But before you get down on bended knee a new poll of 2,000 married adults by European rail Pass provider, My Interrail, reveals that more than 1 in 3 of us think their proposal could have been better. In fact, 1 in 10 people were disappointed with how they thought the proposal went/described it as terrible.

So, how did people think they could have made their engagement better? Well 30 per cent of those polled wish they’d gotten engaged in a more romantic location, with 1 in 5 revealing that the perfect time to be proposed to would have been on holiday. Most popular proposal situations include:

  • Over a favourite view (1 in 4)
  • At the seaside or in a restaurant (1 in 5)
  • At an event with family and friends (1 in 11)
  • On a train going to their favourite destination or on the train platform in front of lots of people (1 in 20)
  • While skydiving or scuba diving (1 in 100)

And whilst Paris has long been considered the most romantic destinations in Europe, it has now been knocked off the number one spot by Venice. Venice has also been named as the top location where people want to propose/be proposed to. The top 5 locations are as follows:

  • Venice (1 in 10)
  • The Lake District (1 in 12)
  • Rome (1 in 19)
  • Paris (1 in 20)
  • Scotland (1 in 25)

Over half of those who took part in the poll (53 per cent) think it’s a good idea to propose while travelling, such as on a trip, a weekend away or holiday. So, if you were planning on proposing this Valentine’s Day My Interrail have got the perfect competition, just for you. 

For your chance to win a 2x First Class one month continuous Interrail Global Passes, 2x Business Premier Eurostar tickets and a Two Together Railcard just visit and explain how rail played a part in your love story.

Philip Barnard, International Manager at Rail Delivery Group said: “Valentine’s Day is such a romantic time of year, which is why we wanted to help three lucky couples win the trip of a lifetime. And as our findings reveal, most people think it’s a good idea to propose when on holiday, so they may even use it as an opportunity to get engaged to their loved one”.

“Travelling by rail in Europe opens up lots of fantastic opportunities for people, helping them to explore, meet new people and make memories”.

“By working, in partnership, with the railway companies in Europe we are able to help customers explore over 40,000 destinations with just one train pass. Travelling around Europe using either Interrail Global or One Country Pass helps customers to save money on their journeys. The money they save can then be used on making the most of the areas they’re travelling to”.

Entries close at 12pm on 5th February with the lucky winners announced on 14th February. T&Cs apply. For more information visit


Notes to Editors

2,000 adults were polled in research carried out by One Poll on behalf of National Rail, January 2018.

The prizes are as follows:

  • First prize: 2x First Class one month continuous Interrail Global Pass, 2x Business Premier Eurostar tickets and a Two Together Railcard
  • Second prize: 2x First Class 10 days within 1 month Interrail Global Pass, 2x Standard Premier Eurostar tickets and a Two Together Railcard
  • Third prize: 2x Second Class 10 days within 1 month Interrail Global Pass, 2x Standard Eurostar tickets and Two Together Railcard

About My Interrail is brought to you by National Rail, who works with the rail companies in Europe, so that you can explore over 40,000 destinations, with just one train pass. The Interrail Pass is a train ticket that allows you to travel on almost all trains in Europe. With it, you get access to 37 railway and ferry companies in 30 countries.

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