Rail Delivery Group responds to National Rail Passenger Survey Autumn 2018

Commenting on the results of the Transport Focus National Rail Passenger Survey Autumn 2018, Jacqueline Starr, Managing Director of Customer Experience at the Rail Delivery Group, representing the rail industry, said,

“Punctuality is the bedrock of satisfaction for our customers and at the moment in too many places, we are not getting it right. Working together, we are investing billions of pounds in a long-term plan to rebuild key parts of the network to improve punctuality while putting thousands of new and refurbished carriages on track to make journeys more comfortable. 

“In parallel we are pushing for more fundamental reform to fix the railway for the future, including developing proposals for regulatory change to make the fares system easier, and engaging fully with the government’s independent review of how the whole railway is bolted together.”

Read the full report on the survey on the Transport Focus website.

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