Ready for download: 16-25 and Network Railcards go digital

For the first time ever, the 16-25 and Network Railcards are available on smart phones.

Both 16-25 and Network Railcard holders can finally stop worrying about losing, or forgetting, their Railcards by downloading them straight to their smart phones.

National Rail and the train companies are working together to make journeys better, so customers can enjoy more leisure travel for less. As well as saving 1/3 off most rail fares customers also benefit from fantastic discounts on attractions and events for just £30 a year (or £70 for 3 years).

The digital 16-25 Railcard and Network Railcard can now be purchased online, then downloaded to the Railcard App on a smart phone. Once downloaded the user can then start travelling (and saving) straight away, with no need to wait for the post. If the customer’s phone runs out of battery or gets lost it can be swapped to another mobile device.

Jyoti Bird, Director at National Rail, said:

“National Rail and the train companies are making it quicker and easier for passengers to save 1/3 on fares, thanks to the launch of the digital 16-25 and Network Railcards. Railcards enable customers to explore more of Great Britain for fun, in an ultra-convenient and cost-effective way.”

“The introduction of digital Railcards is the latest example of train companies working together using technology to make rail travel easier. The money customers save through travel, and additional Railcard benefits, means they have more to spend in the places they go. Allowing customers to enjoy more of the things they love, whilst also supporting local businesses and communities.”

“The digital versions of the Family & Friends and Two Together  Railcards will be available shortly, followed by Senior and Disabled Persons Railcards, which will also be available by the end of the year.”

For more information about the full range of Railcards available go to 


Note to Editors

  • The 16-25 Railcard is available for everyone between the age of 16-25 and anyone over 25 in full-time study.
  • The Network Railcard is available for those aged 16 and over, travelling in the South East.
  • More than four million existing Railcard customers save almost £600million a year – £150 each on average – on train trips.   
  • The new digital 16-25 and Network Railcards will cost the same as paper or plastic Railcard.
  • Customers can choose to have their Railcard on their mobile device, sent to them by post or buy a Railcard at their local station. 
  • If a customer doesn’t have their Railcard on them when they travel and they have to pay extra, they will be guaranteed a refund on at least the first occasion, providing they can produce their Railcard at a later date.

National Rail works with the train companies to provide a range of products to help consumers save money on their leisure travel, whilst also connecting communities, families and businesses across Britain.  Railcards include: 16-25, Family & Friends, Two Together, Senior, Disabled Persons Railcards and Network Railcard. For more information about each of the Railcards visit

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